Getting to know Teradata VantageCloud Lake

Join our live monthly product demo to discover how easy it is to use Teradata VantageCloud Lake, our next-generation, cloud-native solution. You’ll learn how this powerful, modern cloud analytics and data platform can help you innovate faster, scale smarter, and govern better by seamlessly creating a self-service environment that delivers harmonized data and trusted AI/ML for all.

During this live demo, you’ll see how VantageCloud Lake can help you:

  • Promote business autonomy and agility
  • Enable the entire organization to activate AI innovation that delivers more value
  • Simplify your data estate while modernizing in the cloud
  • Control costs and optimize workflows by consolidating your data
  • Fuel data-driven decision-making, identify new opportunities, and mitigate risks
  • Optimize efficiency, accuracy, and security by adopting modern data management


Matt Ogle
Senior Product Marketing Manager, Teradata

Matt Ogle is the Senior Product Marketing Manager for VantageCloud Lake. His role is to help customers and prospects understand Teradata's differentiated value by developing product positioning, constructing effective messaging, and creating technical content.