Closing the gap on great customer experiences
groups Customer experience (CX)

Closing the gap on great customer experiences

Customers expect seamless, relevant experiences at every touchpoint on their journey
Why CX matters

Customers expect seamless, relevant experiences at every touchpoint on their journey

COVID-19 pushed consumers en masse to digital channels. And that shift is here to stay. Now, customers expect companies to understand their needs and preferences, and they’re willing to walk away from brands that don’t deliver. Organizations that can consistently create highly tailored, meaningful customer experiences (CX) will be positioned to win in this new reality.

How good CX works

How to transform your CX

When it comes to customer experience, there’s no room for failure. Today’s customers expect relevant, seamless experiences at every stage of their journeys with brands—or else. In fact, 32% say they will walk away from a brand they love after just one bad experience. This infographic shows how you can deliver great experiences that keep customers coming back for more.


Get more insights on creating exceptional customer experiences

Pinpointing high-impact moments in CX

Watch a hands-on demo with Teradata experts to see customer journey optimization in action.

Why VantageCloud for CX

Build customer loyalty and drive value with a customer insights foundation

Teradata VantageCloud provides you with a single source of all customer data and best-in-class analytics capabilities. Now you can unlock breakthrough insights to deliver seamless, personalized, and scalable experiences at every step of the customer journey.

Success stories

Why industry leaders choose Teradata


Deliver CX that drives results

Find out how Teradata can help you harmonize your customer data and unlock valuable insights to deliver better customer experiences, build customer loyalty, and accelerate value.

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