ESG at Teradata

At Teradata, we believe that people thrive when empowered with better information. It’s the insights gathered, not simply the data collected, that enable sound ESG decision-making—not only for Teradata but also for our customers.

ESG Report 2022

Our 2022 report shares Teradata’s approach to ESG management and initiatives and provides an update on our progress toward our ESG goals. 

Our four ESG pillars 

The foundation of our ESG strategy

Our ESG goals are aligned with four focus areas that guide our efforts as we advance on our ESG journey.

The foundation of our ESG strategy: Leveraging the power of data

Leveraging the power of data

Our products cut through the noise, allowing our customers to focus on the data and insights that matter. With confidence in their data, businesses can make informed decisions to positively impact people and the planet.

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The foundation of our ESG strategy: Cultivating a people-first culture

Cultivating a people-first culture

We're striving to create an environment where each employee is respected, valued, and empowered to thrive. As a company whose growth depends on continuous innovation, we know the best ideas require a diverse mix of perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences.

2022 People progress

*As compared to 2021
**Based on responses to the questions, “How happy are you at Teradata?” and “Would you recommend Teradata to a friend?”

Our three focus areas guide our DEI
strategic plan

Teradata cares

Teradata Cares

Through paid volunteer time and donation matching, Teradata Cares encourages employees to support causes that resonate with them, whether that means lending expertise to a community organization, helping with disaster relief, donating to a nonprofit organization, or working on an environmental restoration project.

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The foundation of our ESG strategy: Doing our part to build a more sustainable future

Doing our part to build a more sustainable future

At Teradata, balancing economic success with environmental sustainability is integral to our business strategy. We’re harnessing our strengths as a data-driven company to minimize our impact while enabling our customers to do the same.

Stewardship goals

  • Net Zero

    by 2050 (all scopes)
  • Carbon neutral

    by year-end 2024
    (Scopes 1 and 2)
  • 34% emission reduction*

    by 2025 (Scopes 1 and 2)
  • 30% reduction in energy consumption*

    by 2025

2022 Stewardship progress

*As compared to 2021

San Diego data center consolidation

In 2022, we downsized the San Diego data center by consolidating floors and systems and switching to a monitor-and-control technology system. By reducing our physical footprint, we’ve taken another step towards our goal to achieve Net Zero emissions. Our efforts resulted in:

San Diego data center consolidation


systems retired



decrease in data center electricity usage



migrated and consolidated systems

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The foundation of our ESG strategy: Building accountability through ethics and transparency

Building accountability through ethics and transparency

Integrity is foundational to our business. When we behave as an ethical business, we build trust with our employees, shareholders, partners, and customers. Teradata’s Code of Conduct, which is reviewed and updated according to our company values, serves as a single source of truth for our policies and processes.

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2022 activities

Our ESG strategy in action

Our ESG efforts are inextricably linked to our business purpose and strategic direction. Our 2022 activities supported our commitment to operating a business that’s accountable to our employees, our society, and our planet.

Turning data insights into social action with DataKind

In 2022, we celebrated our decade-long partnership with DataKind, a nonprofit organization that connects social impact organizations with the data science resources, tools, and expertise they need to solve worldly challenges. Among other projects, we helped improve response times for Crisis Text Line, an organization offering free mental health counseling via SMS, and developed a home fire risk map in partnership with the American Red Cross.

Turning data insights into social action with DataKind

Free resources for students and faculty

For more than 20 years, we’ve been cultivating breakthrough thinkers and doers through Teradata University for Academics. Our web-based, self-service data analytics learning platform offers more than 140 free courses, lab simulations, and data and analytics certification courses. In 2022, more than 700 faculty members and 4,300 students from 600 schools visited the platform. Since 2001, the platform has been accessed by students and faculty from more than 2,700 universities and high schools in 124 countries.

Free resources for students and faculty

Women of Teradata

Our Women of Teradata Inclusion Community promotes growth opportunities for women and provides a supportive peer network they can look to when challenges arise. In 2022, we featured a #BreakTheBias Instagram filter and live discussions focused on imagining a gender-equal world free of bias. 

Women of Teradata

Teradata Pride

Our Pride Inclusion Community builds awareness and inclusion through interactive events, social platforms, and safe space programs for LGBTQ+ employees and their allies. The group’s ongoing coffee chat series provides opportunities for employees to connect in a supportive environment. The Pride community organized Teradata’s involvement in San Diego’s Pride Parade and Festival for the first time in 2022.

Teradata Pride
Awards and recognition

Teradata is accelerating sustainability as an industry leader

Driving global impact

We aspire to continue growing our global impact for lasting and systemic change. Join us on our ongoing journey.