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Teradata University for Academics

Unlimited resources, at no cost

Our resources cover various topics and methodologies in the fields of analytics (BI), big data, data warehousing, data science, all at no cost to the university, faculty, or the students.


Analytics & Data Science

Introduce analytics projects to your students in a unique, fun way. Check out these great resources to get started.

Business Intelligence and Analytics Syllabus

The course is very broad in coverage, with a focus on business and organizational issues, the "full stack" of BI and analytics applications, development methodologies, creating the data and software infrastructure, getting projects approved, and more.

Data Analytics for Kids

Introduce young people to data science! These materials were developed for the summer program Innovate for Good at Appalachian State University in 2019 for girls in fifth to tenth grades (10-16 years old). Although the materials were originally created for a summer camp, they can be easily adapted for a class or workshop.

Enrich Your Data with Location Analytics

This SAS sponsored white paper provides various use cases of Location Analytics being used in businesses to gain spatial insights.

Sports Analytics resources

BSI: Business Scenario Investigation

Complete data analytics cases and add “Data Detective” to your resume.

Sports Analytics Precision Football

The Case of the Misconnecting Passengers

The Case of the Tainted Lasagna

The Case of the Dropped Mobile Calls

The Case of The Retail Turnaround

The Case of The Retail Turnaround

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