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Stabilize yield, improve quality control, and predict maintenance issues with AI-powered anomaly detection from Teradata VantageCloud and ClearScape Analytics.

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Use case: AI-powered anomaly detection with Teradata
Why ClearScape Analytics for anomaly detection

Improve production processes, profitability, and output quality by preventing anomalies

Detect anomalies in a high-level with Teradata VantageCloud and Clearscape Analytics

Accurately detecting anomalies on the manufacturing line is crucial for reducing delays and boosting efficiency. But many detection methods fall short, and companies struggle to minimize false positives while managing a variety of sensors and measurements. 

Your team can prevent problems before they happen with powerful anomaly detection capabilities from Teradata and ClearScape Analytics. The process is streamlined from data preparation and exploration to advanced model training, evaluations, and adjustments.

See how your team can better detect anomalies with the right analytics engine. In our free, hands-on demo environment for ClearScape Analytics, explore how you can:

  • Reduce the number of false positive anomalies detected in a system
  • Quickly determine patterns and significant factors that lead to anomalies
  • Improve accuracy in production and manufacturing processes
  • Decrease additional costs and lost time due to undetected anomalies

The right AI and machine learning (ML) investments are critical to your success, but to unlock that value, you need to be able to scale AI innovation across the enterprise. VantageCloud’s powerful, flexible architecture empowers your team to: 

  • Prepare data, train, evaluate, and deploy models at unprecedented scale
  • Create countless ML models that can handle massive amounts of sensor data
  • Detect unexpected behaviors faster
  • Solve for anomalies more quickly

Drive more profits and productivity with zero-defect production

See firsthand how you can stabilize yield, improve quality control, and predict maintenance issues with AI-powered anomaly detection. Test drive ClearScape Analytics in our free, self-service demo environment.