APAC Hot Topic Webinar Wednesday | Close the Gap Between Digital Identity Management & Great Customer Experience

Right now, cookie deprecation is putting customer experience at risk and $10s of millions in revenue could be lost. 

Today’s customers have high expectations for great customer experiences and the demand for these in digital channels has never been higher. COVID-19 has upped the ante for brands to deliver great digital experiences as customers have been forced to transact online. 

With consumer digital adoption growing by 28-46% across a range of industries, organisations are now fundamentally re-thinking how they adapt to the new-normal and deliver personalised experiences for individuals in digital channels. 

A recent study by Forrester found that 80% of decision makers believe data-driven customer experiences will yield business outcomes. However, over 60% say capturing and making sense of digital customer data is difficult. Third-party cookie deprecation escalates this problem.

Third-party cookies used to track website visitors and support personalisation are increasingly being blocked by the major browsers due to new and evolving privacy laws and regulations. Companies reliant on third-party cookies to track individuals will now have digital blind-spots in the customers journey and significant gaps in their single customer view and will no longer be able to personalise experiences, optimise advertising, or manage customer journeys across channels and time.

During the session, we've discussed how Teradata and Celebrus can help you close the gap and deliver clear benefits, fast:

  • First-party identification and granular collection of every customer interaction across all touch points and devices, over time
  • Ensure data compliance and security
  • Access all your data to obtain a deep understanding of your customers and discover new opportunities to improve their experiences
  • Deliver individually personalised and optimal customer experiences that win the customer moments that matter

Watch the on-demand recording here now!