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Save lives with AI-powered insights

Identify heart attack risk with powerful AI and machine learning capabilities from Teradata VantageCloud and ClearScape Analytics™.

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Use case: Prediction analysis - heart failure Prediction with Teradata
Why ClearScape Analytics for heart failure prediction

Identify early warning signs for heart failure with innovative machine learning and AI tools

Save lives with AI-powered insights

Heart attacks are one of the most expensive conditions to treat in U.S. hospitals and cardiovascular disease rates are skyrocketing. It’s more critical than ever to be able to accurately predict heart failure before it occurs, but to do that, healthcare providers need the right data solution.

VantageCloud and ClearScape Analytics machine learning (ML) capabilities can analyze large volumes of medical data from multiple sources to identify complex health patterns. This can improve the accuracy of prediction models and help healthcare professionals identify patients at high risk for heart failure, allowing for earlier intervention and better outcomes.

See how your team can get the full health picture for each patient to better predict individual heart attack risk. In our free, hands-on demo environment for ClearScape Analytics, explore how you can:

  • Create comprehensive health predictions with fewer false positives and false negatives
  • Enable early intervention by quickly identifying patterns leading to heart failure
  • Lower heart attack-related costs to patients and hospitals
  • Produce advanced research and development based on your data and models

ML and AI are increasingly used to improve patient outcomes and well-being. But traditional data preparation, model development, and deployment methods rely on manual, error-prone processes that can limit the value of these technologies. With VantageCloud and ClearScape Analytics, teams can: 

  • Accelerate these processes
  • Deliver greater accuracy and better results for patients
  • Eliminate deployment gaps by seamlessly deploying your development pipeline to production

Identify heart attack risk with AI-powered insights

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