Solving the ML and AI Scalability Dilemma with Amazon SageMaker and Teradata VantageCloud

Watch this recording to find out how to embed analytics across your business.

Many organizations have shifted from delivering generalized products to more tailored services driven by Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and other advanced analytics. However, some still struggle to maximize value from these tools and therefore experience inefficient data preparation, a lack of flexibility and difficulties scoring data live at scale. The integration of Amazon SageMaker and Teradata VantageCloud addresses these challenges—which means you can deliver unlimited data-driven intelligence at scale. 

In this recording, you will learn how seamless integration of your analytic models can unleash your greatest asset—data. Our experts walk you through Teradata’s ClearScape Analytics, which offers a simple way to prepare data, train data models, and enable you to deploy those models into production using a combination of Amazon SageMaker and Teradata VantageCloud Lake Edition.

This recording also outlines:
Use case scenarios in industries such as Financial Services and Telecommunications that will help you enhance fraud detection, risk management, regulatory compliance (Finance) or customer experience and network management (Telecommunications).


  • Chris Hillman, Senior Data Science Director, International, Teradata
  • Salman Taherian, AI/ML Partner Solution Architect, AWS
  • Simon Axon, EMEA Industry Consulting Director, Teradata
  • Hans-Peter Misra, EMEA Telco Industry Experts Lead, Teradata