APAC Hot Topic Webinar Wednesday: New Supply Chain Paradigm for the Changing World

Does your supply chain cope with disruptions and last minute shifts in demand?

Today's complex environment of changing consumer buying patterns, market forces at play as well as the need for omnichannel inventory optimisation, sustainability and cost efficiency requires an agile supply chain that is continuously optimised based on real-time data insights.

You may have bought or built world-class supply chain solutions, yet you're still struggling for answers. Maybe the issue isn’t how good your individual solutions are but how well they are integrated with each other to let you see the big picture.

It's time to turn supply chain management into your most competitive asset.

The key to an effective supply chain is integrated, granular data. Bringing together data from all areas of the business and supply chain enables broader, cross-functional insights. These insights can help you manage the threat of constant uncertainty and provide opportunities to improve your business through holistic optimisation. You can predict demand, identify potential bottlenecks, have visibility across the entire supply chain, and drive efficiencies.

Watch this 30-minute webinar to uncover how Teradata and our Partners can help you realise your supply chain goals, fast:

  • Integrate your current solutions, whether homegrown or vendor-provided, to enable improved forecasting and demand planning.
  • Operate at the speed and scale as required by today’s modern supply chains.
  • Deliver excellent service to improve customer experiences, while managing operational excellence and profitability.

Watch it on-demand now!