Harness a Lake-Centric Modernization Strategy for AI Adoption

For companies looking to adopt AI/ML at scale, streamlined access to data is critical. And yet, many companies are contending with a tangled web of data silos and technologies, leading to data sprawl, mounting technical debt, and bloated storage costs—all of which hamper innovation. And new advances in AI/ML will only add to the complexity.

To address this problem, the most successful companies are adopting a lake-centric approach. A cloud-based lakehouse pairs the robust data management and processing ability of a data warehouse with the flexibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness of a data lake, enabling you to accelerate innovation and gain a critical competitive edge.

In this webinar moderated by veteran technology journalist Kate Russell, GigaOm Analyst Andrew Brust will be joined by Teradata’s Vice President of Technology, Martin Willcox, and David Jerrim, Director of Ecosystem Architecture, to share how to unlock the full power of your data with a lake-centric modernization approach. Learn how to:

  • Consolidate all your data, compute, and AI/ML technologies into a single cloud environment
  • Manage tech debt and harmonize data across the entire enterprise
  • Maximize workload efficiency
  • Achieve transparent financial governance with trusted AI capabilities


Dr Chris Hillman
Andrew Brust

Analyst, GigaOm

Andrew is a veteran market intelligence expert in the database and BI/analytics field. As a seasoned technical author and speaker, Andrew understands today’s market in the context of its extensive enterprise underpinnings. Andrew has worked with small, medium, and Fortune 1000 clients in numerous industries and with software companies from small independent software vendors (ISVs) to large clients like Microsoft. He has category expertise in data infrastructure, business intelligence and analytics, AI, data science, machine learning, and application development. He presents at numerous technology conferences including Visual Studio Live!, SQL Server Live! and Artificial Intelligence Live!, all of which he co-chairs.

Dr Chris Hillman
Martin Willcox

Vice President of Technology, Teradata

Martin has over 28 years of experience in the IT industry and has twice been listed in DataIQ’s “Big Data 100” as one of the most influential people in data-driven business in the United Kingdom.  Since joining Teradata in 2004, Martin has worked with over 250 organizations across at least six different industry verticals, from Dublin in the west to Sydney in the east, helping them to “do more with their data” and to realize increased business value. He has helped organizations to develop data and analytic strategies aligned with business objectives, designed and delivered complex technology benchmarks and PoCs, conceived legacy system decommissioning strategies, pioneered the deployment of “big data” technologies, helped customers migrate to the cloud on time and on budget, and led the development of Teradata’s AI/ML strategy. Along the way, he has led 100-strong technology teams and championed the adoption of DataOps and ModelOps approaches.

Dr Chris Hillman
David Jerrim

Director of Ecosystem Architecture, Teradata

David has more than 25 years’ experience in enterprise data and analytic architecture and has led several multinational teams. With data and analytic modernization top of mind for many customers, David spends much of his time discussing topics such as data strategy, data and analytics architecture, and more recently, how a decentralized (data mesh) approach to delivery can accelerate time to market for analytics projects.


Dr Chris Hillman
Kate Russell

Journalist, reporter, educator and author
Board Member - BCS Influence Board

Journalist, reporter, educator and author, Kate has been writing about technology and the Internet since 1995. She was recently appointed a board member of the BCS Influence Board, an advisory body for the Chartered Institute of IT in the UK. A champion for diversity in tech, she has been a regular face on TV and voice on radio throughout her career, being a core member of the BBC Click reporting team for over a decade, as well as writing a ‘travel tech’ column for National Geographic Traveller for 7 years. In addition to reporting on technology, Kate helps inspire the next generation of tech professionals through her work with Teentech CIC, a non-profit co-founded by Tomorrow’s World presenter, Maggie Philbin. She also speaks at conferences and digital strategy and policy meetings to help businesses and politicians understand the complexities of transformation for the digital age. Her website, KateRussell.co.uk, has won multiple awards for best technology blog and she has been honoured in the Hall of Fame for the Computer Weekly Top 50 most influential women in UK IT. She also writes sci-fi and fantasy with two published novels now available.