Deploying Analytics at Scale in Financial Services with Teradata VantageCloud and Amazon SageMaker

Businesses across the financial sector are leveraging ML, AI, and other advanced analytics to provide their customers with more tailored services. However, many organizations are still struggling to broadly realize the value these tools promise. 

Are you ready to embed analytics into all areas of your business and become one of the innovative leaders of the financial services industry? In this webinar, our experts walk through Teradata ClearScape Analytics, which offers a simple and easy way to prepare data, train the models, and finally, deploy those models into production using the new Teradata VantageCloud Lake.

Watch now to learn: 

  • Use case scenarios and best practices that every FinServ organization can use to enhance fraud detection, risk management, and customer experiences, and streamline regulatory compliance.
  • How Teradata VantageCloud and Amazon SageMaker integrate to provide AI and ML solutions that deliver speed, simplicity, and scale that can be deployed across your business.