Teradata completes IRAP assessment for government projects at PROTECTED level

2023年11月13日 | Sydney, Australia

Teradata (NYSE:TDC) today announced the completion of the Information Security Registered Assessors Program (IRAP) for VantageCloud Enterprise. The PROTECTED security evaluation shows that Teradata’s complete cloud analytics and data platform has achieved the highest standard for securing sensitive government and broader industry data and systems. 

Developed by the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD), IRAP is a requirement to provide product security assessment to government agencies and critical infrastructure. The assessment of Teradata’ VantageCloud Enterprise on Amazon Web Services against the PROTECTED classification for the Information Security Manual (ISM) controls was completed in October.  

Teradata VantageCloud is a cloud-based analytics and data platform that enables organizations to enable artificial intelligences (AI) and unlock business insights from their data across public cloud, hybrid or on-premises. In Australia, government agencies, financial services, telecommunications, manufacturing, retail and healthcare sectors rely on Teradata to understand and harmonize their data holdings, review utilisation, support data science and AI use cases, innovate faster and scale to meet demand.

“The completion of the IRAP assessment not only demonstrates Teradata’s ongoing investment in the government and defence sector but our commitment to mission-critical security for all Australian customers,” said Josh Abbott, Vice President, Teradata Australia and New Zealand. “With Teradata Vantage Cloud assessed as IRAP ‘PROTECTED’, our customers can be confident in the security of their most critical asset – data.”

The IRAP assessment also comes after a new IDC survey, sponsored by Teradata, revealed that nearly 70% of top global enterprise executives said that data complexity in their organisation had increased over the last two years, with 20% remain convinced data problems will become significantly more complex in the future.