Teradata EPIC Award Ceremony Honors Winners on the Edge of Next


Teradata (NYSE: TDC), the leading data and analytics company, last night honored 33 high-performing customers and partnerships with Teradata EPIC Awards. The award ceremony was held at the Teradata PARTNERS Conference and celebrated the innovative use of data and analytics to shape positive business outcomes.
Teradata Chief Executive Officer Vic Lund and Executive Vice President and Chief Product Officer Oliver Ratzesberger officiated at the 10th annual ceremony, with Teradata Executive Vice President, International, Peter Mikkelsen and Teradata Executive Vice President, Americas Sales and Services, Karen Thomas joining them to congratulate the winners.
An independent panel of judges evaluated all EPIC Award submissions to determine the winners. The panel included industry innovators, chief information officers, marketing specialists, technologists, educators and technology journalists. This year’s winners are

  • China CITIC Bank, winner in the category of Analytical Excellence
  • RajComp Info Services Ltd, winner in the category Big Data Excellence
  • David Covert at Bank of the West, winner in the category of Collaboration and Innovation
  • HSBC UK with Celebrus Technologies, winner in the category of Customer Journey Excellence
  • UnitedHealth Group/Optum, winner in the category of Integrated View of the Business
  • Qualcomm, winner in the category of On the Edge with the Internet of Things
  • The Directorate General of Tax for the Republic of Indonesia, winner in the category of Operational Excellence
  • SAS and Cleveland Clinic, winners in the category of Big Data Intelligence
  • Fuzzy Logix and Gilead Sciences, Inc., also winners in the category of Big Data Intelligence 
  • Cognizant Technology Solutions and a Leading Telecom, winners in the category of Business Insight
  • Clintworld GmbH and A1 Telekom Austria AG, also winners in the category of Business Insight
  • IBM GBS and a Leading Energy Company, winners in the category of Enterprise Intelligence
  • Dataguise, Inc. with eBay, also winners in the category of Enterprise Intelligence

The following list provides more detail for the EPIC Award winners by category.
Customer Awards
Category: Analytical Excellence
The winning solution demonstrates improved business decision-making by increasing the accuracy and speed of analytics-driven business insights. It also results in delivering measurable improvements in revenue, organizational performance and productivity.
Winner: China CITIC Bank
The marketing organization at China CITIC Bank needed to improve customer management and engagement across the customer journey and the customer life-cycle. The challenge was to leverage data, analytics and technology to drive innovation in customer engagement and in so doing, transform the retail banking business. Cross-functional teams worked closely to create the business strategy, develop the analytical requirements, and implement the big data solution, in which technology augmented by Teradata served as the intelligence hub for marketing insights and business execution. The results were positive: improved customer experience, product innovation, optimized processes and improvements in the bank’s investment advice. Business outcomes also included 1) net income growth of 33 percent over two years and 2) net profit contribution growth of 75 percent over two years. Notably in 2017, the retail banking business contribution has been seven percent higher than the same period in the prior year.
Category: Big Data Excellence
The winner in this category is delivering high-impact business outcomes using big data, and/or data lakes with BI technologies and techniques.
Winner: RajComp Info Services Ltd. (India)
RajComp is an IT consulting firm serving the state government of Rajasthan, which needed a more integrated information infrastructure. Lack of integration constrained visibility across their various state service organizations, and limited their use of unstructured data. Rajcomp built a complete big data analytic environment using Teradata technology to integrate, store and manage a wide variety of structured and unstructured data like text, image, video and social media. In addition, the Teradata Hadoop appliance for Hortonworks and Teradata Aster together have provided unexpected new insights. These included deeper understanding of citizen needs and interests, opportunities to improve citizen engagement, and increased visibility into the quality of state services. The solution has also empowered government departmental users, who now have strong analytical support for more timely and effective decision-making, resulting in greater user satisfaction and better management of services.
Category: Collaboration and Innovation
This category honors a person or team whose leadership and expertise resulted in an extraordinary technology-enabled business outcome.  
Winner:  David Covert is responsible for strategy, governance and the daily execution of the multi-channel sales and marketing program at Bank of the West. Faced with the need to better target customers in real time through preferred channels, David leveraged Teradata’s Customer Interaction Manager (CIM) application. To meet the challenge, his team developed a contact frequency algorithm that measures and manages email responses and distribution. Insights from this analytics-driven process have resulted in a 21 percent increase in ‘open’ rates and a 15 percent reengagement rate.
Also, under David’s leadership, ‘event-triggered’ marketing leads increased by 50 percent in 2016, with response rates up to five times better than prior ‘propensity-based’ leads. In addition, David and the cross-functional teams developed new channels and programs to expand the CIM platform across two additional lines of business, resulting in a successful initiative to generate client upstream referrals and home lending sales. David’s innovative approach was instrumental in topping the revenue and profit charts by 125 percent in 2016 and is now on track for 120 percent in 2017.
Category: Customer Journey Excellence
The winner in this space combined expertise in data integration, advanced multi-genre analytics, and cross-channel orchestration to drive and optimize customer journeys, help create new products, and execute successful multi-channel campaigns. 
Winner: HSBC UK with Celebrus Technologies
HSBC faced the challenge of converting online visitors into customers, a critical part of the drive to become much more customer-centric. This was the key component of a major transformation project - to build one system which would connect customer channels to a central CRM brain to create a single customer view and deliver consistent, joined-up messaging across channels. HSBC UK used Teradata Real-Time Interaction Manager and Celebrus Technologies to convert individual-level digital customer data captured in real time into actionable insight. Today, HSBC UK delivers millions of highly personalized messages per day across multiple channels, including many in real-time, which helps them address multiple objectives and drive business growth.
Category: Integrated View of the Business
The winning solution delivered analytic insights by unifying the data ecosystem into a cohesive analytic environment. This resulted in performance improvements and new business opportunities while supporting the reuse of data.
Winner: UnitedHealth Group/Optum
The challenge for United Health Group (UHG) was the pressing need to meet the stringent reporting requirements associated with the passage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), which mandated new reporting practices beginning in January 2014.
To meet these requirements, specifically the three R’s (Risk Adjustment, Risk Corridors, and Reinsurance), UHG needed a health care reform-focused reporting capability. Leveraging their Teradata ‘Unified Data Warehouse’ (UDW), UHG was able to design and deliver its 3R reports containing claims, member, policy and provider data sourced from more than 30 systems to meet federal requirements and satisfy internal measures of success tied to volume and quality. As a result, UHG was able to achieve exceptionally high data acceptance for their 2016 3R submission.
The Teradata UDW manages detailed data in support of claims and files pertaining to clinical documents and data pertaining to customers, products, plans, benefits and a wide variety of operational, financial and health data. The use of Teradata’s platform for complex compliance helped UHG deliver millions of dollars of business value across the organization.
Category: On the Edge with the Internet of Things
The winner in this category is monetizing the Internet of Things, using sensor data from telematics and interconnected devices including vehicles, meters, machines, weather devices, buildings, manufacturing lines, and shopping carts. The solution is resulting in better business models, process improvements, personal healthcare, or enhanced customer experiences.
Winner: Qualcomm
Qualcomm is a multinational semiconductor and telecommunications company that designs and markets wireless products and services. The main IoT challenge faced by Qualcomm wasthe predicted 1000x rise in cellular data traffic, now referred to as the “1000x Data Challenge.” To address this, Qualcomm foresaw the need to increase the efficiency of its many assets while adopting radically different ways of acquiring, deploying and managing these resources.
Qualcomm recognized that the solution to skyrocketing data traffic is only possible through more powerful data collection across products and services - and the extensive use of machine learning. Qualcomm engaged Teradata’s Think Big Analytics team to help tackle the many IoT data issues and analytic dimensions of this challenge. With Teradata, Qualcomm gained close access to a collective of consultants with data science expertise as well as systems architects and product technologists with mature levels of experience.
Qualcomm has now expanded its technological capabilities and has uncovered insight-driven opportunities that are driving enhanced products and services for shared learning and better business outcomes. For instance, with Teradata’s support, the Qualcomm Data Science Group now has a comprehensive roadmap that is enabling cross-business unit collaboration. Development teams within Qualcomm are now leveraging the same data and gaining insight from each other – in areas like Mobile Processor, Embedded Processor Bluetooth Products, Cellular Modems and Wi-Fi, and Radio-Frequency (RF) Products.  The work with Teradata continues today, to expand and enable data science across Qualcomm with technology-enabled business solutions that are practical, scalable and future proof.
Category: Operational Excellence
The winner is using data and analytics to deliver measurable performance improvements in  operations across the value chain with an emphasis on good bottom-line business outcomes.
Winner: The Directorate General of Tax for the Republic of Indonesia
The Directorate General of Tax for the Republic of Indonesia (DGT), serving the Indonesia Minister of Finance, faced a major challenge to detect and reduce tax fraud while widening the tax base. This island nation has 255 million citizens, but only 27 million (11 percent of the population) are registered taxpayers. DGT recognized that the one way they could meet these challenges was through sophisticated data management. DGT chose Teradata and began implementing the Unified Data Architecture (UDA) to create a more integrated information ecosystem.
DGT’s DAWET project ("Integrated Data Warehouse" in Bahasa Indonesian) is the big data analytics core of their UDA, which effectively organizes and manages its data. The business now has the analytical foundation to turn previously unseen opportunities into actionable insights. For instance, with Teradata, DGT is identifying issues such as suspicious transactions, transfer pricing, companies owned by other companies, identification of triangular transactions, insight into organizational structures and the inter-connections between owners and stakeholders. Increased visibility across the operation is also helping realize specific business goals, which are to help improve service and increase revenue through tax collection while improving taxpayer compliance, reducing fraud, and better managing costs. DGT now has an operational foundation to achieve their vision to be the best tax administration in Southeast Asia.
Integration and Consulting Partner (ICP) and Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Awards
Category: Big Data Intelligence
The partner leveraged one or more of Teradata’s technologies and involved new emerging data sources such as Web logs, sensors or compelling new analytics to drive digital marketing optimization or new Web path analysis. The solution showed measurable return on investment.
Winners (ISV): SAS and Cleveland Clinic
Located in Cleveland, Ohio, the clinic is a nonprofit, multi-specialty academic medical center that integrates clinical and hospital care with research and education. Today, with more than 1,400 beds on Cleveland Clinic main campus and 4,435 beds system-wide, Cleveland Clinic is one of the most respected hospitals in the country.
The Cleveland Clinic has created an integrated, cost-effective, and agile analytics platform that is facilitating simplified access to strategic data assets across every service line; supporting the complete analytic lifecycle at scale from hypothesis generation through model operationalization and maintenance; and allowing them to generate better insights for executive and operational decision-making.
Winners (ISV):  Fuzzy Logix and Gilead Sciences, Inc.
Fuzzy Logix and Teradata collaborated with Gilead Sciences, a U.S. biotech company, to meet the challenge of better detecting and understanding “adverse event signals” – which signify causal relationships between an adverse event and a specific treatment. The teams developed an adverse signal detection solution running on the Teradata Analytic Platform, which accelerates the development of complex computations using Bayesian Poisson methods that analyze time-based events in a linear way.
This solution on Teradata has enabled faster, more insightful analysis of electronic medical record data and improved accounting for all health transactions. Gilead can now efficiently compare subject groups exposed to different medications using a complex “matching” algorithm. The solution has resulted in substantial time savings, an increase in the number of safety signal evaluations, and a significant reduction in the number of false positive signals – which together deliver new insights as well as better health outcomes.
Category: ICP & ISV Business Insight
The winning partners have developed and implemented a solution involving pre-built applications and offers that use a Teradata analytic data platform. The solution is in production and delivering measurable return on investment for the customer.
Winner (ICP): Cognizant Technology Solutions and a Leading Telecom
The UK’s second-largest telecom provider faced the challenge of personalizing customer contact to increase cross-selling and up-selling opportunities. The role of the Teradata Analytic Platform was central in the solution as it gathered and integrated various types of data to enhance customer profiles. The platform would then analyze and accelerate intelligent insight to the marketing applications. The big performance improvements occurred when the telecom business upgraded to IntelliFlex, with flexible multi-dimensional scalability. Ultimately, the telecom provider increased their business agility, accelerating insight delivery to users by 20 percent.
Winner (ISV): Clintworld GmbH and A1 Telekom Austria AG
A1 Telekom faced the challenge of effectively introducing a new product portfolio to business customers. Moreover, the sales agents needed a tool to manage the migration of existing customer contracts into this new portfolio. To address this challenge, the teams collaborated to develop a dedicated tool based on Clintworld’s ‘Clintview’ price simulation software that creates very precise personalized offers. This app also guides sales agents through the entire sales cycle and advises them on the best new offer for each individual customer.
The Clintview ‘Super Simulation’ (SUSI) software, driven by the massively parallel power of Teradata, can calculate millions of offer combinations and provide the results in minutes, or seconds. SUSI on Teradata enabled the strategic business outcome: a rapid migration of customers to new contracts. All KPIs (e.g. software utilization, revenue changes) were met, indicating a highly successful implementation benefiting the client’s business.
Category: ICP & ISV Enterprise Intelligence
Partners in this category are helping customers build a company-wide solution leveraging a Teradata Analytic Platform for the customer’s strategic data analysis. The solution is in production and producing positive results for the customer.
Winner (ICP): IBM GBS and a Leading Energy Company
The IBM and Teradata teams were challenged with delivering more timely, efficient and strategic data management for a leading integrated energy company. The teams helped the client replace older DB systems with the Teradata Analytic Platform. It was used to accelerate the performance of the Exploration and Production business unit. The move to Teradata involved the migration of almost 300 database tables and the conversion of almost 600 ETL jobs from competitive platforms. The project resulted in a lower cost of ownership, with improved performance and scalability – while also creating a single view of the business.
Winner (ISV): Dataguise, Inc. and eBay Inc. 
eBay faced a challenge to increase data velocity across the business, which has always been  complicated by its continuously growing data volumes – the result of one billion active listings and 164 million buyers. Volumes today exceed 12 petabytes of customer transaction data in Teradata platforms that must be analytically converted to intelligence for personalized customer experiences. However, before datasets can be used for analytics, all sensitive data must be detected and either protected or removed to comply with a rigorous set of internal and external privacy and compliance requirements. These are the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
Knowing that “You can’t protect what you can’t see,” the eBay Global Data Infrastructure (GDI) team deployed Dataguise DgSecure for precise sensitive data detection in all Teradata repositories. With Dataguise, eBay is able to discover sensitive data, report its exact location, alert internal data owners, and take action as required. As a result, eBay can quickly and fully leverage customer transaction data for analytics-driven growth, while reducing business risk and business cost through complete data privacy and regulatory compliance.
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