Teradata Launches Insights-as-a-Service Capability to Accelerate Time to Value

2016年7月13日 | London

Service fast-tracks business value from data analytics using data scientists, advanced techniques and industry expertise, yielding 500 percent return on investment

LONDON - July 13, 2016 - Businesses in the U.K. can now benefit from nimble access to advanced data analytics and expertise from Teradata (NYSE: TDC), the big data analytics company. Faced with limited resources and a shortage of data science skills, many organisations are struggling in the battle to drive value from every dataset at their disposal. Datasets may range from Internet of Things (IoT) readings and digital clickstream sources to
contact center logs or other types of detailed data. By providing insights-as-a-service
capabilities, Teradata provides a low-barrier entry point to market-leading advanced analytics
capabilities and industry-tested expertise.

As part of its broad range of analytical consulting services, Teradata is now providing companies
access to a powerful combination of cutting-edge technology and deep knowledge of proven
best practices - all without the need for large up-front capital expenditure.

Businesses will benefit from Teradata's experienced data science and industry consultants,
giving clients full confidence that significant Return on Investment (ROI) will be achieved through
revenue generation, cost reduction and risk management. Recent customer use cases have
shown ROI of 500 percent or more.

Using its business value framework, Teradata helps organisations design and implement use
cases that solve real-world business problems, with insights delivered in weeks or even days.
Clients will benefit from Teradata's advanced techniques such as Text Analytics, Pattern
Detection, Attribution Strategies and Graph Analyses while also realizing value from knowledge
transfer, equipping staff to tackle new data challenges and deliver more profitable insights.
Teradata's insights-as-a-service approach, based on its market-leading analytic consulting
methodology, is already providing significant gains to a wide range of customers including
leading U.K. retailer JD Williams & Co.

"Teradata brought practical ideas to the table and helped advise how we might best exploit
value from new technology and techniques. It was invaluable to work alongside data scientists
with cross-sector experience," said Gareth Powell, Head of Customer Data and Analytics at JD

"By offering business insights in an 'as-a-Service' model, we give fast access to advanced
analytics and revenue-boosting transformation to businesses that are struggling to find the
necessary skills and resources," said Yasmeen Ahmad, Teradata Head of Advanced Analytics
and Data Science, U.K. and Ireland. "We agree on success criteria before we embark on a
project so that we deliver precisely on tangible business outcomes - whether that is better
understanding of customers, optimization of multi-channel customer journeys, or major
improvements in predictive maintenance. Our approach is about augmenting, rather than
outsourcing, so that organisations can up-skill and become better-equipped to face the digital