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Teradata supports customers in taking advantage of their private 5G networks.

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Following the 5G standard, Teradata has developed an initial set of standard microservices running on Teradata VantageCloud, which allows customers to load data from 5G networks that track key performance indicators (KPIs) and predictions from the 5G Core network. By providing these KPIs, VantageCloud becomes a trusted application function of any 5G network, accelerating time to value for customers. Data coming from those microservices can be enriched and correlated with additional network feeds—for example, a radio access network (RAN)—and other customer-specific data and applications—such as enterprise resource planning (ERP), logistics, and internet of things (IoT). 

Teradata partnered with Telefónica to create a pioneering 5G smart logistics solution, which will be presented at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February 2024.

About the pilot

Telefónica has collaborated with key strategic partners Teradata, Nokia, and Etiqmedia, a provider of real-time video analytics, to develop a pilot for the Würth Group, a worldwide wholesaler of fastening and assembly materials. 

Würth sought to digitize its packing and logistics processes to improve throughput and avoid packing errors. This process included: 

  1. Reducing the number of stoppages by alerting operators in real time to possible jamming of boxes on the conveyor belt during packing  
  2. Auditing bills of material to verify that packages contain the correct contents 
  3. Validating that packages are loaded to the right pallet and truck to ensure delivery accuracy 
  4. Planning for capacity and space in the warehouse to ensure availability to receive goods at the logistics center 
  5. Creating a complete and centralized vision of all processes and KPIs—including historical, real-time, and predicted insights—via an application available to logistic center workers and managers 

KPIs are delivered in dashboards that provide monitoring and early incident detection, with data ingested into VantageCloud and analytics created using in-database functions. 

Delivering the solution 

Telefonica delivered a 5G private network using Nokia equipment at one of the Würth logistics centers. The Etiqmedia solution collects data from video cameras connected to the 5G network to provide real-time video analytics. All data is stored in VantageCloud, the complete cloud analytics and data platform for AI. 

Through Telefonica’s 5G+ network and the real-time video analytics solution connected to VantageCloud, Würth combined video and sensor data to facilitate decision-making through dashboards, which provide early warning of stoppages and quality issues during packaging and dispatch. 

About Telefonica

Telefónica, headquartered in Madrid, Spain, is a leading multinational telecommunications company with 385 million customers, operations in 12 countries across Europe and Latin America, and more than 103,000 employees. Telefónica offers fixed and mobile connectivity and digital services for residential and business customers. As the second largest corporation in Spain, it plays a crucial role in connecting people’s lives through its infrastructure.

About Würth Group

Würth Group is a worldwide wholesaler of fasteners; screws and screw accessories; dowels; chemicals; electronic and electromechanical components; furniture and construction fittings; tools; machines; installation material; automotive hardware; inventory management; storage; and retrieval systems. 

About Teradata

At Teradata, we believe that people thrive when empowered with trusted information. We offer the most complete cloud analytics and data platform for AI. By delivering harmonized data and trusted AI, we enable more confident decision-making, unlock faster innovation, and drive the impactful business results organizations need most.  


Laurent Laisney について

Laurent Laisney has more than 20 years of experience in the telecommunication industry, including roles in consulting, business development, sales, and management roles with Nokia, Alcatel-Lucent, IBM, and several software and services companies. He has been with Teradata for 10 years and is a senior, trusted advisor to customers looking to solve specific analytics challenges and deliver value through AI/ML. Laisney has authored and contributed to publications including “Data Analytics Will Drive 5G” and “GSMA Private 5G Industrial Networks Report.”

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Sanjay Chopra について

Sanjay Chopra and his team use AI/ML to help customers find new insights and business value from their data. As a senior information technology leader, he helps bridge the gap between technical and business stakeholders to focus on designing digital transformation solutions. Chopra has expertise in incubating complex new ideas that leverage AI/ML technologies. Before joining Teradata, Chopra was director for data & AI solution engineering at Google. Chopra also led the industrial internet of things (IoT) analytics practice at Amazon Web Services (AWS) and the solutions engineering team for GE Power Digital. Chopra began his career as a flight test engineer at British Aerospace.

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Wenceslao Gorchs について

Wenceslao Gorchs drives industry analytics strategy, helping customers address industry challenges; improve customer experience; monetize network investments; and generate business outcomes through data, analytics, and AI. He delivers compelling value propositions and ROI realization critical to market competitiveness and differentiation. He has experience with digital transformation programs and large-scale application initiatives, including new mobile operations, entrance in new markets, business and analytics roadmaps, industry-specific solutions, and product launches. Before joining Teradata, Gorchs worked at IBM, PwC Consulting, and CitiBank Argentina.

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