What's Next for Automotive & Manufacturing Industry?

木曜日, 18 11月 2021 | Online

Covid-19 massively disrupted the automotive industry at an unprecedented scale globally.

Organizations face multiple challenges in the new paradigm but at the same time are presented with new opportunities. Companies in the automotive industries are undergoing digital transformations to be competitive in the new marketplace.

If you are part of the Automotive industry, it is vital to understand the implications of this disruptive change to compete in the market efficiently.

Leveraging data is going to be critical.

Join Teradata for a live webinar by Udiptya Pal, our Automotive Industry leader.

In the webinar, Udiptya will cover

  • The shifting trends - Are you up to speed?
  • Leveraging connected vehicle data across the automotive value chain to create competitive differentiation.
  • Leading by examples - Learn how Teradata is helping customers in the automotive industry to leverage data