GovWare 2023 – Singapore

17-19 October 2023 | Singapore

Explore Teradata Vantage™ – the most complete analytics and data platform for AI

Find out how to harness data and analytics to deliver breakthrough decisions and infinite innovation in every area of your business.

Visit Teradata’s booth (R14) at the GovWare Conference and Exhibition 2023 to learn how your organization can unlock more value, growth, and performance with flexible, accessible analytics, including artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML). Deploy this solution as you like whether on public cloud, hybrid cloud, or on-premises.

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Visit our booth to: 

  • Meet a Teradata expert
  • Experience a product demo
  • See real-world use cases that leverage hybrid multi-cloud architectures 
  • Explore steps for modernizing your analytics strategy quickly and at scale 
  • Help save the Earth! Complete the survey and receive a handphone stand made of recycled chopsticks! 

Join our demo sessions at the Teradata booth for more insights during scheduled breaks. Attend all three demos and receive a Hydro Flask!

1. Unleash the value of AI/ML with Teradata ClearScape Analytics

Day 1, 17 Oct 1230-1300

Day 2, 18 Oct 1100-1130

Day 3, 19 Oct 1030-1100

In this demo, find out how to deploy analytics at speed and scale with ClearScape Analytics, themost powerful, open, and connected AI/ML capabilities on the market. Whether you're struggling to operationalize AI/ML or make data scientists more efficient, Teradata’s powerful engine for AI innovation can solve complex analytic problems with zero data movement, integrate with operational data to make models actionable, and monitor them with an automated process — all the while leveraging the power of massively parallel processing.

2. Advanced Multi-System Analytics for a Best-of-Breed Analytical Ecosystem (QueryGrid)

Day 1, 17 Oct 1530-1600

Day 2, 18 Oct 1330-1400

Day 3, 19 Oct 1330-1400

Discover the future of multi-cloud analytics with Teradata QueryGrid, the intelligent query fabric that connects your analytic engines across hybrid and multi-cloud landscapes. Enable dynamic workload orchestration that delivers unparalleled performance, real-time insights, and efficient resource use with minimal data movement. Whether you're aiming for a robust hybrid cloud setup, a smooth migration from legacy systems, or quicker operational readiness in a distributed environment, don't miss the chance to witness how Teradata's unique query fabric technology can unlock your analytics ecosystem.

3. Using dbt and Feast to Build a Feature Store in Teradata Vantage™

Day 2, 18 Oct 1530-1600

Day 3, 19 Oct 1530-1600

In this demo, we’ll show you how to create a dbt pipeline that takes raw data from Vantage and turns it into Feast features. This would benefit your organization greatly. The pipeline leverages ClearScape Analytics™ functions to perform data transformation on some variables in dbt. This generates a dataset with transformed data, which is loaded into Feast to store features. Features are then used to generate a training dataset for ML models.