The Big Debate

木曜日, 10 6月 2021 | Online

Debate: How can you break through the internal barriers derailing your transformation?

Two titans of industry will debate the effectiveness of proven tactics and tools to overcome internal barriers to ensure the success of large-scale transformation.

Why join this debate?

  1. Transform your transformation
    How do you reinvent a business while remaining a market leader? What role must the C-suite play? Explore how these deep challenges have been successfully addressed and overcome.
  2. See how to integrate disparate parts of your business
    How do you align everyone across the organisation and drive collaboration so that you're truly working as a single entity?
  3. Discover how different thinking leads to high growth
    A transformational culture can future-proof a company, and make it more innovative, productive and profitable. But how does a large organisation change its way of working? Explore the theory and practice with highly experienced speakers and attendees.

Adam Salzer OAM - Executive Chair, Whitewatertx & EMEA Advisory Board Chair, Teradata
Sir Richard Shirreff - Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Strategia Worldwide

Debate Chair:
Winfried Schultz - Vice President of EMEA Marketing, Teradata