Why Vantage Is Our Most Popular Release Ever

Teradata Vantage is busting through analytic silos and raising the bar. Find out what drove these innovations and led to Vantage becoming our most popular release yet.

Imad Birouty
Imad Birouty
2019年6月30日 4 分で読める
Teradata Vantage™ has more than 130 new features and capabilities than Teradata Database 15.00
From our company’s earliest days, our customers’ needs and ideas have been vital to the innovation we’ve put into every new product release. Since Teradata Database 15.00, we’ve added more than 130 new features and capabilities because of continuous dialogue with our customers. In fact, we recently received the highest scores for all four major use cases — Traditional, Real-Time, Logical, and Context-Independent – in Gartner’s recent Critical Capabilities for Data Management Solutions for Analytics report. We scored higher than all other 18 vendors evaluated, ranking ahead of Oracle, SAP, Snowflake and Amazon Web Services.

In order to continue to raise the bar for our industry, last year we decided to take another leap of innovation to meet customers’ increasingly complex needs. With the rapid acceleration in not just the amount but the diversity of data types, customers told us they sought simplified, integrated solutions that were flexible to ever-changing IT requirements and business goals. They needed a platform that removed data silos and redundant or conflicting solutions, saved on operational costs and enabled predictive, business-focused decision making. 

In the fall of 2018 we launched Teradata Vantage to meet all of these needs — and, seven months later, it’s quickly become the fastest and most popular release we’ve created yet. 

Why is Vantage proving to be so popular? Two key reasons:

1. Integration: The most powerful engines, data types, tools and languages, all in one place

Simplification and IT integration are now board-room-level topics. According to Teradata CEO Oliver Ratzesberger, “Executives frequently tell me, ‘We’ve spent billions of dollars, we have thousands of systems. Help us simplify our ecosystem and consolidate data silos into a single analytics platform.’”

Vantage transforms the complexity inherent in today’s most advanced analytics technologies into a simple, seamless user experience. With Vantage, data scientists and business analysts can use a wide range of advanced analytic functions available in powerful engines without worrying about where they reside. For example, the Machine Learning Engine delivers more than 100 prebuilt analytical functions for path, pattern, statistical and text analytics to address a broad swath of analytics. Functions range from understanding sentiment to predictive part failure analysis. 
Vantage transforms the complexity inherent in today’s most advanced analytics technologies into a simple, seamless user experience.
Likewise, the Graph Engine provides a set of functions that discover relationships between people, products and processes within a network. Users can solve complex problems such as discovering social network connections, influencer relationships and fraud and threat vulnerabilities — all without having to know which functions to use or to write out complex code. Users simply call the function, and Vantage delivers the right engine for the function. 

In addition to bringing these and other powerful analytical functions and capabilities — such as 4D Analytics, which allows users to easily analyze location- and time-based data together at scale — Vantage also enables collaboration across departments and teams, facilitating data integration across the enterprise. 

With Vantage, data scientists and business analysts can work with the same data, even if they’re using different tools and languages. Vantage integrates with customers’ preferred tools and languages, including SQL, R, Python, Tableau, Qlik and Teradata AppCenter, Jupyter and RStudio. Vantage’s support of these common tools and languages eliminates the need for data and analytics silos. That translates into users spending less time stitching together different solutions and more time finding and applying answers to the business’ most critical strategic questions.

 2. Flexibility: Get all your data, any way you need it 

Today’s enterprises want to move faster, be more agile, and add capabilities as needs arise, all while de-risking their deployment decisions and reducing technical debt. To help our customers stay ahead of the competition and keep up with today’s pace of change, we made sure that customers can deploy Vantage in whatever way works for their businesses, whether across cloud, hybrid or on-premises. We know that customers may not be able to predict the scale of analytical capabilities they’ll need next month, let alone next year, so we’re giving them the flexibility to adjust their analytics workloads as their deployment strategies shift. 

Customers have the option to start small and scale Vantage to an enterprise-level mission-critical analytics system if desired. Vantage supports multiple data types, formats and heterogenous data stores, and it manages complex analytics workloads based on your business priorities. 

We’ll continue to expand the as-a-service options for Vantage, each of which will extend the way our customers deploy and manage the platform. For example, we recently announced that Vantage is available as-a-service using Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure infrastructure. We’ve also launched a turnkey offering that delivers key cloud benefits for customers within their own data centers, and we’ve created a new hybrid cloud disaster recovery service in which customers can use the public cloud as a secondary system in case their on-premises system goes down. With each new as-a-service offering, our aim is to enable customers to focus on answers, not IT.

How to Get Started on Vantage

Vantage was created for today’s data-driven businesses as they navigate exciting yet complex, uncharted digital territory. We’re proud to pioneer new ways for Vantage to help enterprises simplify analytics ecosystems and de-risk decision making at scale. 

We’d love to explore what business challenges Vantage could address for you. Whether you’re a Teradata customer interested in upgrading to Vantage or haven’t worked with us before, please don’t hesitate to contact our sales team today.


Imad Birouty について

Imad Birouty is Director, Technical Product Marketing, for Teradata. He is responsible for marketing Teradata products (database, utilities, and platforms). Imad has twenty-five years of Teradata experience, with specialized expertise in data warehousing, decision support, customer management, analytics, and appliance platforms. He serves as a Teradata spokesperson, interviewed by the technology media, and is active in Teradata events across the world. He is highly conversant on topics in the field of big data analytics and how cutting-edge companies are using Teradata products and services to advance their business performance. He resides in the San Diego area, where Teradata Labs has a facility largely populated with engineers, designers and technicians.

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