Supporting Ukraine [UPDATE]

Teradata stopped conducting business in Russia earlier this month, and has ceased customer interactions & services with all Russian accounts. Teradata fully supports & is complying with all sanctions.

Steve McMillan
Steve McMillan
2022年3月24日 4 分で読める
Teradata Stands with Ukraine

Teradata stopped conducting business in Russia earlier this month, and has ceased customer interactions and services with all Russian accounts. Teradata fully supports and is complying with all sanctions. 

The Teradata team is stepping up to help the staggering number of Ukrainians fleeing the horror of war in their country. Outreach to our Teradata Cares community support organization has been tremendous from employees around the globe, making financial donations in near-record amounts, volunteering their time to support both technology and human needs, suggesting additional avenues of support, and drawing attention to organizations needing immediate assistance. To help these communities in need, Teradata Cares is double matching donations made by Teradata employees so that together, we can make a difference. 

We are doing everything we can to support all our employees and treat them with care and compassion during these trying times.  

We remain hopeful for a peaceful resolution and will continue our care and concern during this humanitarian tragedy. 



The Baseless Devastation in Ukraine

March 4, 2022

We are appalled by Russia's act of war against Ukraine and our hearts go out to the people of Ukraine and all those affected by this senseless aggression by Russia. It is shocking to watch the Ukrainian people fight a war they never asked for – the bravery of average citizens protecting their homeland, the wanton destruction of a beautiful country, and most tragically, innocent lives lost. In the global community we live in, the effects of this war extend far beyond Ukraine. Nearby countries are doing their best to offer shelter and support to hundreds of thousands of refugees fleeing in terror, even as their own citizens must be under tremendous distress from being at the door of armed conflict. People all over the world, especially those with deep connections to Ukraine, are growing more frightened by the day as they watch the escalation continue.   

As a market leader in data and analytics, we also cannot ignore the perverse use of data by the aggressors to justify their violence. Data – what it can make possible, and how it can improve the way people live and work – is Teradata’s reason for being. But when data is deliberately abused for the purpose of misleading or confusing people, it goes against the very fabric of our existence. We are encouraged by all of the supporting efforts from technology companies around the world to tamp down Russia’s misinformation and the deliberate misuse of data, and we work with our customers each and every day to use our platform to ensure data responsibility, transparency and governance.   

Teradata is firmly opposed to the brutal attack occurring on Ukraine’s independent soil. In a world that is more interconnected than ever, we stand with the global community to condemn the violence, support those in need and call for peace. We have concern for all of the people affected and we want to do our part.  

Caring for our Employees  

Our highest concern is supporting our Teradata family. With our strong presence in Europe, we have employees, customers and partners in the region, and all are affected – some seriously – by this invasion. We have talented employees in Russia who are not personally responsible for the decisions of their government, but are certainly subject to its impacts. In our offices around the world, there are anxious people with ties to Ukraine. All are being impacted by this atrocious event and deserve our care and compassion.  

For those in the vicinity of the conflict, we are working hard to connect with and support them. For example, we will provide flexibility as needed to ensure the safety of family members and manage personal responsibilities that arise as a result of this emergency.  

We are also offering – in every country in which we operate – direct access, around the clock, to professional resources to help our employees and their families maintain their well-being in the face of destruction and chaos. In such extraordinary and deeply upsetting times, it’s important to help our people stay connected with resources that enable them to cope with emotional, practical or physical needs.  

Collective Efforts for Humanitarian Aid 

Consideration for everyone in our Teradata family is at the very core of our company. It is vitally important we all demonstrate care and compassion during this incredibly challenging time.   

We have activated our Teradata Cares network to help with relief efforts and to expand the impact of the many Teradata employees who have expressed a desire to contribute in any way they can. We have been impressed by the outpouring of gifts and are matching donations to global organizations that are providing shelter, food and medicine to actively support the increasingly urgent humanitarian situation.   

Support for Sanctions  

Teradata fully supports and is complying with all sanctions issued in connection with the Russian invasion, and we will continue to do so as events unfold. Our position is unambiguous and transparent to our employees and impacted customers.  

Pulling Together  in Times of Uncertainty 

While no one can be sure of what will happen in the coming weeks and months, it’s clear that the impacts will be far-reaching.  

I know our great company and our employees. We will continue to come together for the ongoing support of our Teradata family, offering care and compassion to all of our employees, and advocating for a peaceful resolution.


Steve McMillan について

Steve McMillan is President and Chief Executive Officer of Teradata. With more than two decades of technology experience, Steve is a seasoned executive with a track record of transforming enterprise services and product businesses into industry-leading cloud portfolio offerings. To each new position, he brings a relentless focus on driving value for customers and delivering customer satisfaction.

Prior to joining Teradata, Steve served as the Executive Vice President of Global Services for F5 Networks. There, Steve was responsible for more than half of worldwide operations and achieved significant top-line growth and industry-leading customer satisfaction. Prior to F5, Steve was with Oracle where he served as the Senior Vice President of Customer Success and Managed Cloud Services. Previously, during an extended career at IBM, Steve held increasingly senior leadership positions, driving operations and execution with a consistent record of exceeding revenue and profit targets, business transformation, and collaborative leadership.

Steve is a published author on technology and management papers, and developed a patent around Cloud Computing. Steve earned a 1st class degree in Management and Computer Science from Aston University in Birmingham, England.

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