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Both new users and seasoned professionals can choose a database certification goal consistent with the need to demonstrate Advanced SQL Engine knowledge. Each certification level builds upon the last, which enables individuals to reach their career goals.

Vantage Track information summarized for you here!

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Notice to Candidates

Effective July 1, 2020, the Associate Exam will be updated through Release 16.20 and include Vantage content. The specific exam objectives of the exam can be found here. The free training will include an additional online webinar.  Practice questions will continue be freely available.  Teradata 14 certification Associate exam bypasses/waivers will continue to be in effect. 

Teradata Certifications

Maximize your competitive advantage—become certified in the world’s most powerful database technology. More than 68,000 Teradata Certifications have been awarded, each recognized as an industry-standard measure of Teradata technical competence for IT professionals.

Teradata Certification Options: Option 1: Associate Exam - Administrator Exam - Advanced Administrator exam - Vantage Certified Master Option 2: Associate Exam - Developer Exam - Advanced Developer Exam - Vantage Certified Master Option 3: Associate Exam - System Architect Exam - Vantage Certified Master
Vantage Certification
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Simplified Career Track Progression

The Vantage track includes one foundational certification, as well as job role certifications.

Free Training for Associate Exam

Vantage web-based training is free for the Associate Exam.

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Digital Badging for Certifications

Digital badges can be shared on social networking sites to communicate achievement and promote certifications.

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Maintaining Certifications after Expiration 

To maintain certification, either pass the same exam or an advanced certification exam for the same job role prior to the expiration date.

  • Simplified Career Track Progression
  • Free Training for Associate Exam
  • Digital Badging for Certifications
  • Maintaining Certifications after Expiration 

Vantage provides multiple certification options : 

Vantage certified associate

Candidate understands core concepts of the Advanced SQL Engine and the value Teradata provides users.


Candidate has core knowledge to manage archives, plan capacity requirements, identify optimal database, and design tables—including indexing options.


Candidate can identify optimal archive and database table design, restore strategies, analyze system trends, and translate logical to physical data models.


Candidate can design and write optimized applications that integrate and access data in Teradata environments.


Candidate has an in-depth knowledge of database design concepts and advanced indexing strategies for query and ETL application development.


Candidate can design enterprise data warehouse architectures with rigor centered around the Teradata environment.


Candidate has knowledge to be a technical authority for designing, implementing, and managing a Teradata enterprise-wide data warehouse. Achieve this certification by passing all exams in this track.

Exam Bypass Options

Bypass Exams with Prior Teradata 14 Certification 

Our exam bypass options allow candidates to skip exams in the Teradata track if they earned similar certifications for Teradata 14.
There are three instances in which you can bypass an exam:
If you have a TD 14 Professional certification, you can bypass:

  • Associate Exam

If you have a TD 14 Technical Specialist, Solutions Developer, or Enterprise Architect certification, you can bypass:

  • Associate Exam
  • Developer Exam

If you have a TD 14 Database Administrator or Master certification, you can bypass:

  • Associate Exam
  • Administrator Exam
  • Developer Exam