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Access to Teradata Support for do-it-yourself deployment on Azure requires a public cloud site ID and a Teradata Support account. If you already have a public cloud site ID and Teradata Support account for Azure, just log in to Teradata Access, or track down your Azure Subscription ID

Note: If you have a Teradata Support account for a site other than Teradata Vantage on Azure (do-it-yourself), you'll need to register your Azure account for Teradata with your existing Teradata Support login (email). After that you can link the accounts together. 

Step 1: Personal information

Step 2: Azure information

Step 3: Teradata Managed Services

Examples: "Only US citizens on US soil can provide support to us,” or "Remote access to Teradata nodes for troubleshooting is not allowed.”

Step 4: Create your site ID

Create your own site ID by entering 5 to 9 alphanumeric characters which will follow the preset letters "AZRTDB". Special characters and spaces are not allowed. This field is NOT case sensitive.
Example: Bank of Smith might choose: "AZRTDBBosProd2"

Step 5: Registering additional side IDs (if needed)

Step 6: Other Teradata site IDs associated with Azure Subscription ID

Step 7: Optional: Add comments or special instructions in the space provided

テラデータはソリューションやセミナーに関する最新情報をメールにてご案内する場合があります。 なお、お送りするメールにあるリンクからいつでも配信停止できます。 以上をご理解・ご同意いただける場合には「はい」を選択ください。

テラデータはお客様の個人情報を、Teradata Global Privacy Policyに従って適切に管理します。

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