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Vantage on Azure

With Teradata Vantage on Azure (do-it-yourself), users have the same powerful analytics capabilities using Microsoft Azure infrastructure as available everywhere else. While other companies fundamentally alter their software to work in the cloud, Teradata features a consistent experience with consistent features. It’s the perfect solution for hybrid cloud environments: nothing new to learn, nothing different to do. Get under-an-hour provisioning and choose only the capabilities needed.

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Vantage on Azure (DIY) opens new doors:

Easy Global Deployment

The power of Vantage and the ubiquity of Azure make it easy to deploy analytics globally

Two Trusted Brands

Get the same premium, trusted Teradata experience coupled with the advanced capabilities of Azure

Bring Analytics to the Data

Analyze data at the source – including Azure Blob – with the same tools and languages that users prefer

Do-it-Yourself Benefits

Fast Time-to-Value

With Azure deployment users avoid lengthy procurement cycles and can instead spin up Vantage resources within minutes.


Easily bring up Azure-based Vantage instances to experiment with new concepts or swiftly respond to new market opportunities.

Move from CapEx to OpEx

Shift to the predictable operational expense of an Azure subscription model and leave behind the lumpy consumption pattern of capital expenditures.

Reduce Financial Risk

Explore new ideas on a low-risk, pay-as-you-go basis without the worry of investing in resources that may not be fully used.

Getting Started Is Easy

Compare Hourly and Annual Options

  • Use if: Planning to use Teradata Vantage for short-term or intermittent workloads.
  • Benefit: Maximum flexibility, zero financial commitment.
  • Buy from: Azure Marketplace.
  • Step 1: Pick preferred Vantage tier and decide if Teradata ecosystem software is included.
  • Step 2: Using Azure Marketplace, search for, select, and subscribe to the appropriate Teradata Vantage offer selected in Step 1 and follow the provisioning instructions.
  • That's it – fast and easy with zero financial commitment.
  • Use if: Planning to use Teradata software for longer-term workloads.
  • Benefit: Greater discounts with software portability.
  • Buy from: The Teradata Account Team.
  • Step 1: Pick preferred Vantage tier and any Teradata ecosystem software. Teradata will create a Vantage on Azure (DIY) Private Offer.
  • Step 2: Follow the provisioning instructions in the Vantage on Azure (DIY) Private Offer. Deploy and enjoy.
  • That's it – powerful and cost-effective with user control.
Enable Agility Across the Enterprise Competition amongst top enterprises is fierce. Those who wish to survive and thrive need agile operations. Vantage on Azure (do-it-yourself) makes this a reality for you. It takes only moments to get started on Azure, meaning users can be up and analyzing data in the cloud within an hour. Regardless of head count, Azure can scale globally to accommodate new users and access to new analytic tools. And because the data is stored in Azure and accessible via the web, users can analyze data from virtually anywhere on the planet. More users and more tools in the cloud pave the way for true enterprise agility.
The power of Teradata Vantage paired with the ubiquity of Azure.
Azure Advanced Services

The power of Vantage paired with the ubiquity of Azure.

Teradata is the leader in enterprise-scale analytics. When deployed on Azure, there’s even more advanced analytic capabilities to utilize because Azure has a rich set of tools ready to analyze data more deeply.
Get the answers that matter the most.
Cognitive Services

Get the answers that matter the most.

When Vantage data is stored in Azure, users can apply cognitive services to it. Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions like Cortana can extend Teradata analytic functionality. With Cortana users can reference additional data against Vantage data to uncover previously unknown layers of insight.
Reference Additional Sources

Easily access every bit of data.

Utilizing Azure Bot Service, users can connect data from other databases to their Vantage system. By referencing additional data sources across the enterprise, Azure Bot Service can enrich data within Vantage to discover brand new insights.
Connect Power BI

Combine Power BI and Vantage for answers and insights.

After utilizing Azure advanced services for more analysis, it’s easy to connect Power BI reports into a Vantage system. Power BI reports are easily integrated into Vantage, where users can view a dashboard full of cutting-edge analysis results. That’s when the answers become clear, and the insights begin.
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