i Supplier FAQ's


Question: How do I make an amendment to an invoice? How do I enter credit memos?
Answer: To reverse an invoice due to incorrect entry or to submit a credit memo, just follow the same steps as if you were submitting an invoice. Search for the line in the create invoice section and enter a negative quantity (ex: -150). If you do not find the PO line you need to correct, check if it already has a receipt against it or it has been paid. In this case you will not be able to correct it and you will need to mail your credit memo to accounts payable.

Question: How do I know the invoice was successfully submitted?
Answer: An invoice is successfully submitted once you see the confirmation page. Occasionally it will take longer for your invoice to be displayed in iSupplier. Do not submit it again. If you reach the confirmation page, your invoice will be processed by accounts payable.

Question: I selected 6 lines to add to my invoice but I only see 5.
Answer: Only 5 lines can be displayed. Click on the "Next" link to view additional lines. View screenshot.

Question: The price on the invoice is incorrect. How can I get it changed?
Answer: You need to contact the requestor/buyer on the PO to get it change. You also need to notify your order management team to make sure the prices are correct on the PO once they are received. This will avoid delays in the invoice creation process.

Question: Is there a way to delete invoices in iSupplier Portal?
Answer: You can't delete it but you can submit a credit memo. Select the line that you need to correct and enter a negative quantity (i.e., -2, -50,…).

Question: I can't find the PO number to invoice.
Answer: (1) Make sure it is an ERP PO. ERP POs begin with four numbers that are unique to a country. Here are examples:

  • 5009****** GSL
  • 7619****** Australia
  • 7349****** New Zealand
  • 7609****** Singapore
  • 7219****** Hong Kong
  • 2209****** Canada
  • 2019****** United States
  • 5639****** UK

Note - for the PO convention of all other countries, review the document for countries migrated to ERP/iSP. Any PO with a different numbering scheme cannot be invoiced via iSP. Please use iSP Assistance if you have further questions. 

(2) Make sure the PO is a Standard PO. The contract PO will always show, but you won't be able to invoice against it - think of it as a master agreement, but you will be given a standard PO each time.

Service Invoices

Question: The unit price on the PO is 1.00 and should be 5061.60.
Answer: This PO was created as a service PO. Enter the price as the quantity

Question: Can I enter cents on a service invoice?
Answer: Yes, on service invoices, you will enter the price in the Quantity to Invoice field. You can enter cents if needed (ex: 21.50).

Question: We have a contract with Teradata that will take more than one year to complete. The project will be invoiced in many installments.
Should we ask for one purchase order to cover the entire project? Or should we request a purchase order when each phase is completed and billable?
There is an annual software maintenance fee that will be billable at the end of the project. Do we have to request a new purchase order each year? Should we set up the purchase order now or upon completion of the project?
Answer: In this case, the requestor/buyer needs to create one PO for the entire billable amount and make receipts at the completion of each phase. This will result in payments in installments as the project is completed and Teradata is periodically billed.
A separate PO will be generated for annual maintenance fees, whether linked to a project or not. Once the annual maintenance service is rendered, the requestor/buyer will book a receipt against the PO to ensure invoices for the same service rendered are paid.

Invoice Holds

Question: Please explain what "On Hold" means.
Answer: Review information under Accounts Payable FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions).

E-mail notifications

Question: We were unable to open the e-mail attachment sent by Teradata ERP.
Answer: Treat these e-mail messages as a notification for you to visit iSupplier Portal to retrieve your PO. Disregard the attachment.

Question: How can I stop e-mail notifications?
Answer: Login to iSupplier. Select Preferences in the iSupplier Home page. Then select the option "do not send me mail" and save.


Question: I cannot access the login page at https://isupplier.teradata.com. It states “connecting to site” at the bottom of page and nothing happens.
Answer: The problem may be due to your browser settings, especially if you are using Internet Explorer 8. The easiest way to fix this is to add Teradata to your Trusted Sites. Follow these steps in Internet Explorer: 

  1. Tools/Internet Options 
  2. Click Security tab 
  3. Click the Trusted Sites icon 
  4. Click the Sites button 
  5. Add this to your trusted sites https://isupplier.teradata.com.
  6. Click Close 
  7. Close all browsers, then try again.