Teradata Recognized as a Designated Member of the Amazon SageMaker Ready Program

Teradata Recognized as a Designated Member of the Amazon SageMaker Ready Program

Lisa Stewart
Lisa Stewart
2022年11月30日 2 分で読める

At Teradata, we pride ourselves on the strength of our partnerships and our dedication to providing an open and connected cloud analytics platform for our customers. That’s why we’re happy to announce that today Teradata has joined the Amazon SageMaker Ready Program. This designation recognizes that Teradata VantageCloud helps customers discover partner software solutions that are validated by Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Solutions Architects to integrate with Amazon SageMaker.  

 Joining the Amazon SageMaker Ready Program differentiates Teradata as an AWS Partner Network (APN) member with a product that works with Amazon SageMaker and is generally available for and fully supports AWS customers. The Amazon SageMaker Ready program helps customers quickly and easily find AWS Software Path partner products to help accelerate their machine learning adoption by providing out-of-the-box abstractions for most common challenges in machine learning (ML) that build on top of the foundational capabilities Amazon SageMaker provides.   

 While Amazon SageMaker offers a robust set of capabilities, it still caters to a specific, narrow target user base of ML scientists. By providing customers a catalog of Software Path partner solutions that lift the complexities of machine learning, like the Teradata VantageCloud analytics and data platform, the user base will broaden, and customer adoption will vastly increase. 

Teradata announced the integration of Teradata VantageCloud with Amazon SageMaker earlier this year. By uniting the scalability and openness of the VantageCloud analytics and data platform with the intuitive ML model capabilities of Amazon SageMaker, Teradata and AWS give organizations ubiquitous use of advanced analytics to unlock the full power of their data and help customers continuously score complex ML models at scale. 

As enterprises continue to invest in the possibility of ML to prevent fraud, reduce churn, optimize supply chains, prevent catastrophic infrastructure failures, and more, we’re thrilled they can now access Teradata VantageCloud via the Amazon SageMaker Ready Program to remove the friction of selecting an AWS partner to help them optimize their ML initiatives. 

To learn more about Teradata VantageCloud’s integration with Amazon SageMaker, visit: 

Webinar Recording: Accelerating AI and ML at Scale with Teradata VantageCloud and Amazon SageMaker

Brochure: Teradata VantageCloud and Amazon SageMaker

Demo Video: Teradata VantageCloud and Amazon SageMaker 



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