Teradata QueryGrid and Google BigQuery

Natively Connect Teradata QueryGrid to Google BigQuery

Dinesh Hiripitiyage
Dinesh Hiripitiyage
2022年6月14日 2 分で読める

At Teradata, we continue to enhance Vantage with new integrations and connections with popular technologies highlighting our commitment to provide Vantage customers with the choice, integration, and consistency they need to leverage their modern data platform.

With the Teradata QueryGrid Google BigQuery Connector, we’re enabling our customers to natively join data between Vantage and BigQuery in real-time, at scale. 

This capability is now generally available worldwide and offered to all customers regardless of where their Vantage system is deployed so that they can focus on using data as one of their greatest assets. 

Companies continue to move more of their data infrastructure to the cloud, sometimes even multiple clouds, and the number of different data stores and processing engines continues to grow exponentially. With Teradata Vantage, our modern data platform embraces this growth and differentiates itself by providing choice and consistency throughout the cloud ecosystem. With the release of the Teradata QueryGrid BigQuery Connector, Teradata expands data access and gives customers flexibility in their data warehouse deployments. Vantage customers can connect to, join, and seamlessly run queries on data stored in Google BigQuery. 

This new enhancement amplifies Teradata’s ability to deliver a truly hybrid multi-cloud data analytics platform. Regardless of where data lives or what tools exist within your analytic ecosystem, Teradata Vantage makes it easy to connect the dots and drive real outcomes. 

Specifically designed, cloud-first elements in Teradata Vantage add further benefits for joint Teradata-Google Cloud customers: 

  • Initiate queries in Vantage: query data in Google BigQuery directly from Vantage wherever Vantage is deployed.
  • Enables pushdown processing: from Vantage, native Google BigQuery syntax is sent and executed.
  • Enhances data access: provides ability to join data between Vantage and Google BigQuery in real-time, at scale. 
  • Minimizes data movement: Vantage can query data right from within Google BigQuery without the need to move the data out or duplicate the data locally.
  • Decreases data egress costs: pushdown processing and remote table optimization minimizes data movement across cloud boundaries for decreased data egress costs.  

Teradata Vantage with QueryGrid is certified on all the major cloud platforms including Google Cloud, AWS and Azure, and has native integration with key cloud-native technologies such as Google Cloud Dataproc, Amazon EMR, Azure HDInsight, and with this release, Google BigQuery.




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