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Gartner Report: Harnessing the Pervasive Nature of Domain Data and Analytics

Gartner defines domain data and analytics as “the collective set of analytics applied across and within industry verticals and business processes and functions.” This report discusses how data and analytics leaders must increase their domain-specific data and analytics competencies to succeed in the digital economy. 

As Gartner points out, data is everywhere—it’s pervasive. As the use of data and analytics increases, the complexity of grasping the wide range of potential use cases and solutions also increases. This is where Teradata can help. Teradata Vantage is the platform for Pervasive Data Intelligence. It brings together the best analytic functions and engines, preferred tools and languages, and support for multiple data types. This lets a single platform handle all use cases and deliver answers to even the most complex business questions. 

Gartner, Harnessing the Pervasive Nature of Domain Data and Analytics, Valerie Logan, Gareth Herschel, Kurt Schlegel, Svetlana Sicular, Adam Ronthal, Jim Hare, Melissa Davis, Jorgen Heizenberg, 21 September 2018