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WANdisco Fusion is the only replication technology available today that gives you consistent data everywhere, across multiple platforms, multiple clouds, and multiple locations. WANdisco Fusion guarantees that critical data and data applications are always consistent, always available, and accessible from anywhere regardless of geographic location, data platform architecture, or cloud storage provider (Hadoop or Object Storage). WANdisco Fusion is fundamentally different than other replication technologies because it provides unparalleled geo-distributed data consistency and solves one of the largest enterprise data architecture challenges today.

Benefits of Partnership

Being able to move data across the Wide Area Network (WAN) and Local Area Network (LAN) is crucial to any business in today’s digital economy. We also want to ensure that all of our data is available twenty-four hours a day three hundred and sixty five days a year anywhere in the world. And lastly we want to be sure the data is consistent, wherever we access it. Today many CIOs have a choice to make, thy can either ensure data is available or they can make the data consistent. WANdisco and Teradata have teamed up to deliver a unique solution where customers can now enjoy peace of mind with both highly available and strongly consistent data, regardless of location. We can now move your valuable data and all the associated analytics anywhere in world whether that is in the private or public cloud when leveraging Hadoop architectures as part of your infrastructure. 

  • Avoid traditional data dumps by way of sharing data, instead enable a continuous transactional stream of data that allows you to capture changes whilst data is in flight.

  • Move data into and out of the private or public cloud allowing your analytics to access the broadest set of data available for analysis.

  • Never worry about consistency of data, despite movement across LAN or WAN environments.

  • Ensure your data is always available not only meeting but exceeding the most demanding SLAs.


The WANdisco Fusion® Platform delivers core functionality supporting continuous availability and performance with guaranteed data consistency across clusters any distance apart. Clusters can be deployed on any combination of Hadoop distributions. Hadoop compatible storage systems, or cloud environments.

Product Interoperability

Version Teradata(s)
2.6.5 HDP (Commodity) 2.1

About WANdisco

WANdisco Fusion is unparalleled, omni-directional replication technology that gives you LIVE DATA - consistent data everywhere, spanning platforms and locations, even for changing data at petabyte scale.