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Ryan Garrett
Ryan Garrett
2017年4月25日 2 分で読める

The “customer journey” means many things to many people. Depending on your role, you may be hyper-focused on delivering the right message to the right customer in real-time on your website. Or maybe you’re trying to understand how customer interactions across several channels work together to affect satisfaction.

These may sound like daunting challenges that require months-long sales cycles, consulting and services engagements, and technology implementations to solve, but I have good news. If you’re focused on the analytics around Customer Journey, you don’t need to boil the ocean to deliver value.

In a matter of days (or a few weeks at most), you can be performing advanced analytics around your customers’ journeys within business-ready interfaces – no coding – that make it simple to share your analyses and insights. Teradata’s Guided Analytics Interfaces make it easy to prove the value of Customer Journey analytics.

The “customer journey” means many things to many people.

These standalone applications are built with a hyper-focused intent to help you perform and share advanced analytics around:

  • Marketing Attribution. (BRAND NEW!) Which campaigns and ads are leading to conversions? How do these results differ across various attribution models?
  • Path Analysis. How are my customers flowing from event to event? Are we creating obstacles that force them to bounce from channel to channel?
  • Customer Satisfaction. Across all my channels, which events are creating the most dissatisfaction? Who are my most satisfied and least satisfied customers?
  • Text Sentiment. Which terms are trending up and down in social media or online reviews? Are certain products, or categories of products, generating positive sentiment?

Don’t be intimidated by the world of possibilities around the Customer Journey. We are here to help you start delivering value from your Customer Journey analytics today. As you quickly prove the value of these initial use cases, then you can grow your Customer Journey initiative and transform your organization.

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Ryan Garrett is senior business development manager for Teradata Field Applications. His goal is to help organizations derive value from data by making advanced analytics more accessible, repeatable and consumable. He has a decade of experience in big data at companies large and small, an MBA from Boston University and a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Kentucky.
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