• Backup, Archive, and Restore (BAR)

    Protect your Teradata Investment with Teradata BAR

    A complete Teradata BAR solution ensures business continuity and compliance.

  • Meeting your business needs

    Backup, Archive, and Restore

    Backing up data has grown from a housekeeping item to a critical strategy. Now you can enjoy peace of mind and ensure continuity through data protection and recoverability with Teradata. We partner with leading technology suppliers to deliver a comprehensive solution that works seamlessly with your Teradata system.

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    Regulatory compliance

    Requirements for data storage vary widely. Whatever the rules are in your industry, you'll have quick access to vital information on demand with a Teradata BAR system.

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    Protect your business

    Losing access to your data can cost plenty - in terms of workflow disruption, critical delays and decreased bottom-line revenue. Protecting your strategic business intelligence assets with a Teradata BAR system can save you more than money.

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    BAR Framework

    Experience optimum backup performance with a highly integrated and custom-configured network of managed BAR servers and switches. This unique framework frees your warehouse from the backup workload and is completely scalable as your Teradata system grows.

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    EMC Data Domain Disk Storage

    Reduce disk capacity requirements and overhead while increasing accessibility and reliability with the EMC Data Domain Disk Backup. This alternative to tape is more cost-effective than tape backup because it writes only unique data to disk by combining high speed, local compression and inline deduplication.

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    Quantum Scalar Tape Storage

    Enjoy faster backups, easy portability for offsite vaulting, and high performance and reliability with tape libraries from Quantum, featuring the latest LTO technology.

    Symantec NetBackup

    Symantec NetBackup delivers faster, more reliable and more secure enterprise backup than ever, which is why it's Teradata's recommended backup application. Unlock the power of disk and manage all aspects of backup and recovery with this centralized, simplified, real-time system.
    Symantec NetBackup is the only application certified with the new Teradata Data Stream Architecture for BAR, available with Teradata 14.10.

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    Dell NetVault

    Dell Software's NetVault offers a flexible modular architecture that delivers proven reliability and high performance, along with scalability to keep pace with your current and future data protection needs.

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    IBM Tivoli Storage Manager

    If your system includes IBM's Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM), you can enjoy the backup and recovery benefits of Teradata BAR. Due to full compatibility, your Teradata database manager can handle your data protection without becoming an expert in TSM. The Teradata Extension for TSM access module provides integration between your Teradata Database and TSM to give you the best of both worlds.

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  • "Continental Airlines felt it was a safer choice to use an industry leading product. With Symantec NetBackup, multi-stream functionality, and the Teradata TARA interface, backing up Teradata is much simpler than with NetVault." 

    Kiki Sanchez

    DBA Senior Manager, Continental Airlines


    Continental Airlines: Success at All Altitudes

    Now Continental has the ability to track real-time data on 27 million customers, adjust flight and overbooking models quickly, and use business intelligence to build relationships with its highest-value customers - with the help of Teradata.


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